January 2013 heralds the start of the 130th Ohio General Assembly and my second term as State Representative. For those of you in Hudson, Stow, Munroe Falls, Silver Lake and the northern part of Cuyahoga Falls, it has been a privilege and honor to serve as your State Representative for the past two years and I am delighted to be continuing my service in that capacity.

For those of you in Twinsburg, Macedonia, Northfield, Northfield Center and Reminderville, I look forward to us getting to know each other, as we work together as part of the new 37th House District over the next two years.

I believe it is important, as your representative, to keep the lines of communication open at all times, and I will use all means available to me to do so. This includes hosting regular office hours across the district, meeting with individuals and organizations as needed, sending out regular e-mail newsletters and using these columns.

Covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow, the Statehouse in all its splendor and rich history is like a sleeping giant, ready on Jan. 7 to welcome back the senators and representatives of the 130th General Assembly. Some members are new and will climb a very steep learning curve the first few months; other members are returning and are already planning legislation that they believe will make Ohio stronger.

As a returning member, I fall into that second category, and legislation that I introduce and support will be consistent with my core beliefs including: free markets, limited government, sanctity of human life, and individual freedom.

I firmly believe that as legislators, we should always put policy ahead of politics and do what is best for Ohio. While all legislators want what is best for Ohio, we do not always agree on what that is or how to get there.

For example, we all desire that every able-bodied Ohioan would have a good-paying job, but we might disagree on implementation. I believe that we should make Ohio inviting to businesses through lower tax rates, common sense regulatory reform, etc., and then get government out of the way and let the free markets work.

I invite you to contact my office anytime with comments, questions or concerns that you may have. I can be reached by phone at 614-466-1177 or by e-mail at rep37@ohiohouse.gov.

Throughout this General Assembly, I hope to be writing these columns regularly to provide insight into what it is like in Columbus -- a behind the scenes look at what is happening in our state's capitol.

While the seasons may change and people come and go in Columbus, one thing remains constant: our state motto. Emblazoned in the granite in front of our state capitol building are the eternal words "With God all things are possible."

It is with this faith that I look toward a bright future for our beloved Buckeye State.