I was like many

people who go to the store and end up buying more than I intend. When I approached the cashier, I asked her to hold a $13 item to see if I had enough to pay for it. When she gave me my total I was 37 cents short for my other items. I asked her to ring it up and offered to give her my drivers license and hold the cart until I ran out to the car to get the change. She could not do it, so I asked a lady in the line behind me if she could pay the 37 cents so that I would not hold them up. They both were willing to do so.

When I returned, I gave the good-hearted lady the change, and she asked that I hold a minute. Then she had the cashier hand me the $13 item.

I tried telling her that I did not need it, or charity, but she said that in the holiday spirit she tries to do five good deeds for others.

I told her that I would have her charity go to the needy and on Christmas Eve, I put her donation to me plus an additional amount into the Salvation Army kettle. Her helping hand and good deed is very much admired and will be a life long holiday memory.

I thank her and hope others (including me) follow her good-hearted example.

Loren Eisner, Macedonia