It's becoming

overwhelming -- the increase of taxes and fees being imposed on the public. In this case the regional sewer district has rubber stamped the area, other than Northfield Center, into paying a fee for what they consider is creating excessive water runoff into their system.

I feel they are making this assumption without proof of anything.

It would appear to me that most people in this area have runoff from roof drains and driveways onto their own properties, which means that grass, trees etc. absorb the water like a sponge.

Also, some of us have sanitary sewers which require rain water to function.

In this fee process they have picked a bloated way of paying this on an individual basis which is inefficient and very costly.

We as a society already pay property taxes to take care of these issues, and then all the other fees such as garbage pickup, etc.

Since I am already paying for sanitary sewers to DOES of Summit County and Aqua OH for my water, which comes from an underground aquifer, it would seem to me to be a redundant issue and totally unfair.

It would seem that this should be more of a government paid for by all, rather than a targeted area of easy pickings.

Kenneth Grigas,

Sagamore Hills