the gas well

at New Hope Church, in my opinion, the residents of Stow are being misled into thinking the gas well has been fracked not using chemicals. To my knowledge, no gas has been extracted from the well at this time. When they extract the gas, I understand they will use a chemical gel containing up to 650 chemicals, some of them I believe are deadly.

Also, according to Bill Marks from PEP Drilling, the 126,000 gallons of water will come from Hudson. Some of Hudson gets their water from Lake Erie. There are regulations on water from the Great Lakes being used for fracking.

In addition, this gas well is near the traditional well behind MACTac. I believe it is extremely hazardous to have a fracking well near a traditional well. The chemicals that will be released into the air are extremely polluting. In my opinion, for the health and safety of the residents of Stow, this well needs to be stopped.

Alice Marusiak,