I just finished

reading about the failed School

bond issue. Requests were made for information on why the issue had so little appeal.

In my 20-plus years in Tallmadge, it is a rare year when there isn't a School bond issue on the ballot. Far too often it is for building a new school. Having just sold one primary school that was deemed inadequate the Board now wants to knock down the newest primary school in order to build a primary school.

Before the last operational bond issue, the Board made many concessions to voters to cut costs and we passed the bill. The school immediately canceled all the austerity measures. Money is tight and property taxes are high. Many seniors can't afford more, and they are taxing us out of our homes.

Rubber jobs that paid well are now service jobs with little pay and no benefits. People still get sick, but they pay out of pocket with less resources.

Make due. Sorry, that's what most of us are doing.

Tom Finan, Tallmadge