The public com-

ment period regarding the government takeover of the Aurora Golf Club will close this week. There are many issues with this project, including growing evidence to me that the premise for this project is false.

It was stated by the city at an informational meeting that there is no water sample from the property, and the samples they do have are from Sunny Lake and are a decade old. This project is allegedly needed to fix a water quality problem, yet no proof of such a problem has been presented that I am aware of. A highlight video of the meeting is on YouTube on the AuroraFriends channel, entitled Golf Course 2.

The controversy continues with the unusually high price taxpayers will pay for this property, bringing into question the idea that this looks like a private citizen bailout. The residents living on the golf course will be seriously affected.

Additionally, the taxes generated by the golf course -- about $100,000 annually according to county records -- will be lost and local residents will need to make up for it.

We will also wind up with the expenses of maintaining the property, estimated by the city at around $50,000 per year, but only estimated because all the requirements are still not known by the city. And perhaps most sad, about 40 people will lose their jobs at the golf course.

Is this project still sounding like a bargain to you?

It will be interesting if new Mayor James Fisher will choose to have his name on this project. He has the ability to hold off on it until these questions can be answered.

Rita Scott, Aurora