Why would Stow

City Council consider ruining a residential neighborhood by approving a crematorium that only benefits one family? This request by Redmon's is really a new business, not just an extension of the current operation. Two years ago a new owner of a funeral home near a residential area in Carmichael, Calif., added a crematory to the facility. This is a quote from a nearby resident: "We can hear it. We can smell it. We can see it. I don't spend any time out in my backyard anymore."

If this "offensive" request is approved, who will want to go to the Stow-Munroe Falls library or frequent the nearby restaurants, the grocery store and other businesses? I believe enjoyment of this neighborhood, once called a jewel, will be spoiled. Who wants to be exposed to particles from the cremation process as they are walking by or have them land on the car when driving or parked at a nearby establishment?

I'm offended that this outrageous zoning variance is even being considered as normal. Stow bought a golf course to protect open spaces and clean air, yet it seems they now are considering increasing the pollution in a densely populated residential area that is located in a valley. Something is very wrong.

I believe aiding one family to increase their profits to the detriment of the nearby residents is not acceptable. In my opinion, this will have a serious negative, psychological effect on the residents in the area. Does Council really think one has the right to affect how people perceive the air they breathe if this is installed? I think not. Turn down what I see as a bizarre request which no reasonable person would consider acceptable.

Council should remember the Golden Rule. This is a moral issue. Do the right thing and vote "no."

Joan M. Lash, Stow