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response to the News Leader's "As We See It" regarding the proposed senior center, (Nov. 28, "Kudos to mayor for creating senior center.")

While giving Mayor Kuchta kudos for his new plan to use City Hall for a senior center, you ridiculed the rest of us by stating that "no other group of elected officials have actually done something about [it]." We respectfully suggest that you read your own paper, which reported on our past and continuing efforts for our seniors.

Our current efforts, including those from some Macedonia Council members, to use the Epiphany Lutheran Church was the only viable alternative to Macedonia's old city hall. Why wasn't the mayor's plan brought up in the first place instead of asking for $200,000-plus to rehab an old county-owned building? Not once did Mayor Kuchta consult or otherwise inform any of us about his new plan. We learned about it by reading the newspaper like everyone else.

It's also interesting to note that AARP representatives have stated that the 120-person seating capacity of the current city hall proposal is "too small" and hinders their expansion as compared to the 370-person capacity of the Lutheran Church.

Mayor Kuchta's apparent reluctance to share his plans and your eagerness to condemn our efforts and plans before they even get off the ground does nothing but add confusion and misunderstanding in our continuing quest to help our deserving seniors. If our plans for the Epiphany Lutheran Church fail due to lack of interest, then we will be more than happy to suggest that our seniors take Mayor Kuchta up on his seemingly kind and free offer. We've exhausted our options but it's certainly not due to lack of trying through the combined efforts of the Northfield Center, Northfield Village and Sagamore Hills elected officials and others!

Paul G. Buescher, Northfield Center

Township Trustee

Jesse Nehez, Mayor, Northfield Village

John Zacardelli, Sagamore Hills

Township Trustee