I appreciate the

News Leader recognizing the efforts of Macedonia Mayor Don Kuchta in last week's "As We See It," (Nov. 28, "Kudos to mayor for creating senior center.")

Mayor Kuchta put politics and bias aside and did what was in the best interest of all seniors in Nordonia Hills by opening the city center's community room for the seniors to meet at no charge. This will fill a void in the community for a location to meet, socialize and have events at no cost to them for several days of the week. This will be run under the very competent guidance of Parks and Recreation Director Angela Gmerek and the Macedonia Family Recreation Center staff.

It's a shame that Mayor Kuchta wasn't invited to attend an alternative option on Dec. 1 at the Epiphany Lutheran Church.

Why? I think it's because, as usual, certain politicians in Nordonia Hills wanted to use this service to the seniors as a political football. Even when the free offer was made to seniors, a letter was distributed in Northfield Village asking them to attend this meeting on Dec. 1.

The very kind offer of the Lutheran Church for one day a week for a fee, versus the Macedonia City Hall for several days per week for free, should be a no-brainer.

Even after being snubbed and ignored by the surrounding communities, Mayor Kuchta opened the doors to Macedonia's facility free for all seniors of Nordonia Hills.

There is a difference in doing due diligence and playing politics. As former village mayor, I too questioned Macedonia's original offer of the old city hall to renovate it for a senior center at a cost to other towns. But this latest offer of their party center for free and have programs and events should be applauded. Kudos to Mayor Kuchta for doing the right thing and not insulting the seniors' intelligence with politics.

Victor Milani,

Northfield Village