Area elected officials have been discussing the creation of a senior center for years, but Macedonia Mayor Don Kuchta, one of the idea’s strongest supporters, surprised everyone earlier this month by going ahead and creating one.
Kuchta opened the large meeting room at Macedonia City Hall for use by Nordonia Hills seniors on most weekdays. Though senior citizens already have places to meet — the library and the rec center, for example — this is the first time the area will see a space dedicated for their day-to-day use.
Even more: Kuchta has put the city’s parks and recreation department in charge of expanding programs to serve seniors. While the department already organizes bus trips and special fitness classes, the mayor’s move to dedicate a space for use by seniors will allow the department to bring even more variety to its offerings.
While the townships and village are still exploring use of a meeting room at Epiphany Lutheran Church, their proposed plan to use the room there once a week doesn’t seem like it will come close to what the city is offering.
After sporadic discussions by area leaders going back 10 years, Kuchta last year revived the idea of a senior center when he proposed using the former city hall, which needs an estimated $200,000 in renovations. But Macedonia’s neighbors balked at the cost.
Kuchta now says the community room can be used instead for a minimal cost. Not counting initial donations, he says its operation will fit within the city’s current budget.
Perhaps other area communities might now consider pitching in to help enhance the operation, which is open to all area seniors.
As we see it, through his initiative, Kuchta has put a plan in place to address an issue that many have talked about, but that no other area politician or group of elected officials have actually done something about.
Job well done.