Congratulations go to Mayor Dave Kline and the city of Tallmadge for helping voters find their correct polling locations on Election Day by posting precinct maps and new polling locations outside of former locations no longer in use and by making sure the new locations were large enough to handle the crowds.
Summit County was the only county in the state that reduced the number of precincts and polling locations before the November election causing unnecessary confusion among many voters.
Members of the Tallmadge, Hudson and Akron Area Leagues of Women Voters were credentialed Issue 2 observers at various polling locations around the county documenting problems. A  cause for concern around the county was voter confusion about where they were to vote — many going back to their former location and finding it closed with no further information. In some polling locations with multiple precincts there was inadequate space. 
Many thanks go to the city administration for its forethought and planning which made voting in Tallmadge go much smoother than in many communities in Summit County.

Nancy Treichler, President, League of Women Voters of Tallmadge