I am writing this letter in light of the recent developments in our city regarding Halloween trick-or treating. Because of the unusual circumstances stemming from Hurricane Sandy, it has come to my attention that our city may want to consider a new protocol that would create a specific citywide time and date for our Halloween tradition.Currently, the city of Hudson adopts the measure of allowing neighborhoods to dictate their own time and date for trick-or treating. Due to the inclement weather this year, our neighborhoods had to make independent decisions based on the weather conditions. As a resident I have been told of many communication issues that ensued because there is not a citywide policy. Many neighborhoods, including those with homeowners' associations, had to make last-minute changes. Some of these residents were not told of changes because of lost mailbox fliers or were not included in email correspondence. Also, there are neighborhoods that do not have a person who is designated to make the decision. Finally, there were neighborhoods whose residents were conflicted about the changes made, even if they had been notified in a timely manner.I believe that the division of this event can cause a safety issue for our children. Having neighborhoods on different schedules can cause conditions in which children are put in harm's way. One suggestion would be to publicize a citywide time and date for trick-or-treating in the Hudson Hub-Times prior to the event. This would allow the residents to plan and prepare for the event. In addition, many of our neighboring communities have an emergency notification system. This system allows city leadership to make any needed phone calls to alter an event if a situation like the one we have experienced this season occurs again. Judy Seiple, Hudson