STOW — Supporters of a City Council member involved in an incident with the mayor converged on city hall Thursday night defending his reputation and maintaining his innocence.

This City Council meeting was the first since March 22 when Mayor Sara Kline claims she was “physically pushed” by Councilman Bob Adaska following a disagreement. Adaska denies the accusation and has entered a “not guilty” plea to a disorderly conduct charge, a minor misdemeanor, in Stow Municipal Court. The matter is slated for an April 26 trial. Adaska was in attendance this evening, but Kline was absent.

Gilwood Drive resident Kevin Clark alleged Kline “was a bully on Council … and she’s a bully as a mayor. She disgusts me to no end.” Clark said he hopes Kline will be chosen as the next parks and recreation superintendent in Cuyahoga Falls “because she’ll be out of our hair.” At press time, Kline remained a finalist for the Falls position.

Don Daugherty of Hudson Drive said he had watched the video of the alleged altercation and asserted, “She (Kline) went at him (Adaska).” He also chided Adaska’s Council colleagues for not speaking publically about what they saw. “Sara (Kline) was wrong and she needs to go to Cuyahoga Falls,” Daugherty agreed. “They can have her. I’ll sign her release papers.” 

Hile Road resident Mary Mumper asserted the mayor “has a history of accosting people when they disagree with her.” Mumper claimed Kline “accosted” her several years ago when she was passing campaign literature for Kline’s opponent. “This entire event has the look of a preplanned, malicious attack on Mr. Adaska,” Mumper alleged. “… This was nothing less than an attempt to punish Mr. Adaska, … an attempt to silence him and defame him.”

“This mayor was itching for a fight,” Mumper stated, “even if she had to invent it.”

Both Kline and Adaska have given police their version of events. The pair had verbally sparred during the March 22 meeting about her decision to tear down an older wooden playground.

Reporter Ellin Walsh can be reached at 330-541-9419, or @EllinWalsh_RPC.