Northfield Village residents will have an opportunity to see what the village’s commercial overlay district project is all about at a forum Feb. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

The project involves new proposed legislation that would permit businesses located on Route 8 in the B-2 highway business zoning district (all commercial areas except for Summit Plaza) to purchase and utilize up to 120 feet of additional property to the rear of their properties for additional parking, landscaping and buffer zones.

New buildings would not be permitted in the 120-foot zones.

The overlay district project committee consisting of Council reps Alan Hipps and Renell Noack and Mayor Jesse Nehez has been working with a municipal planner for the past six months to bring the project to fruition.

The proposed legislation is intended to facilitate new economic development on the Route 8 corridor. Because of the current lack of depth of the commercial parcels along Route 8 in the B-2 district, commercial property owners do not have the space or economic incentive to make significant improvements to or replace the aging commercial buildings.

The project is intended to encourage property improvements in the district, increase property values, enhance tenant units and attract new quality property owners and tenants to the village.

In addition, the ability to expand the depth of these properties will provide additional parking where needed, increase green space and permit aesthetic and landscaping improvements in both the front and rear of the buildings.

Permitting the commercial property owners to increase the depth of these parcels will allow the village to require enhanced buffer fencing and landscape areas between the rear building lines and adjacent homes.

Also, it is expected that these changes will improve the marketability of residential properties that presently abut the Route 8 commercial businesses.

Anyone who is unable to attend the meeting, but has questions or concerns should contact Village Law Director Brad Bryan at 440-686-9000 or, Nehez at 330-467-7130 ext. 1 or or a Council rep.