TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP — Trustees approved temporary appropriations of $4.99 million for 2018 late last month, with the certificate of resources from the Summit County Budget Commission set at $15.78 million.

Township Manager Rob Kagler said the temporary appropriations are the amounts set aside for spending as of the end of the previous year. Permanent appropriations for 2018 must be approved by March 30 and sent to the Summit County Fiscal Office.

The certificate of resources is the amount of estimated fund receipts the township expects to receive during the year, plus the unencumbered and unreserved fund balance from the prior year.

The temporary appropriations include $3.06 million in the general fund. Other major totals are $865,902 for the police district; $376,000 for the fire-EMS district; $326,000 for roads and bridges; and $261,800 for the fire district.

The certificate of resources includes $3.83 million in the general fund, $1 million for the police district, $1.38 million for the fire district, $2.23 million for the fire/EMS district, $789,483 in the road and bridge fund, $200,000 for the garbage and waste disposal district and $800,000 from the gasoline tax.

Certificate of resources figures for several infrastructure projects include Marwell Estates Phase 2, $1.17 million; Heights Phase 13, $970,000; Marwell Phase 4, $910,000; Marwell Phase 3, $880,000; Heights Phase 12, $790,000; Hadden Road, $730,000; and Heights Phase 11, $710,000.

Various township obligations totaling $783,831 for the first quarter of 2018 were approved at the Dec. 20 session. Kagler noted the expenses are for fire and police protection, recycling and trash collection and some annual expenses.

"The amount is somewhat higher than other quarters of the year because some annual expenses are included," said Kagler.

Trustees in late December also approved an agreement for collection of soft recyclables (textiles) by Great Lakes Recycling Inc. (doing business as Simple Recycling) for a four-year period, with an optional four-year extension.

Kagler said the approval is subject to the township and company agreeing on some proposed changes.

The firm will pay the township one cent per pound each month. That is similar to the contracts it has in place with the city of Twinsburg and other communities.

"This service is available so some tonnage of recyclables can be diverted from the solid waste stream," said Kagler, who added it is separate from the township’s regular trash and regular recycling collection.

Trustees OK’d advertising for bids for the Marwell Estates road reconstruction Phases III and IV. Kagler said bids are expected to be opened in mid-February, with the contract awarded at the end of February.

Attorney Alfred E. Schrader was rehired for 2018 to provide legal services to the township at a cost of $20,000.

The following programs were approved for 2018: recreation center (township sets aside $65,000), senior center ($500), senior transportation ($480) and community gardens (no cost).

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