Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies or the Hudson Police Department. It is not intended to be all inclusive.


Police calm situation between father and son: Police were called to a home Jan. 6 shortly after midnight for a reported domestic violence dispute between a father and son. Police were told the son tried to take the keys to his mother’s vehicle, but did not have a driver’s license and had been drinking. Dispatch also advised that the father stated that his son had a knife in his hand. Upon arrival, all parties were spoken to and it turned out the knife was a pocket knife and the blade was not out. No threats of harm were reported from either party and an act of domestic violence did not occur, police said.


Man gets ride home after too much to drink: A Roslyn Avenue resident called police Jan. 6 shortly after 3 a.m. to report a man was pounding on the resident’s front door. Police arrived and talked to the man. He was cited for disorderly conduct. Officers then took him home and released him into the custody of his wife.


Cause for mysterious noises not found: A Lascala Drive woman called police Jan. 6 at 2:39 p.m. and reported hearing suspicious noises overnight. Police could find no cause for the noises.


Car backing out of drive hits hydrant: Police were called to a Westpoint Drive home Jan. 3 around 1:07 a.m. for a report that a car ran over and was lodged on a fire hydrant. The car ran over a fire hydrant in the tree lawn as it was backing westward out of its driveway. The vehicle sustained rear bumper damage and unknown undercarriage damage. Damage to the hydrant was not determined because it was surrounded by snow.


Man strolling down the street with case not found: Police were called Jan. 3 shortly after 5 p.m. to the area of Barlow Road and Gibson Court for a suspicious man who was wearing a long dark colored coat, pulling a suitcase down the street and walking slowly. The caller said the man appeared the be a vagrant. Police patrolled the surrounding residential streets and Barlow Road but could not locate the man.


Blinking light stirs police suspicion: While on patrol Jan. 4 at 6:52 p.m. an officer noticed a front porch light at a Ravenna Street home blinking on and off. The officer stopped at the home and knocked on the front door. The front door was unlocked and the home looked like it was under renovation. Dispatch contacted the home’s owner of record, who had recently moved out. Police locked the door and cleared the scene.


Man hits hay bale, damages car: A man called police Jan. 5 shortly after 5:30 p.m. to report he hit a hay bale in the westbound lane of I-480. The man’s car, a 2017 Mitsubishi, sustained front end damage. The hay bail was located within Hudson city limits. The damage estimate was not known.


The Hudson Police Department’s Tips Line provides a confidential avenue for individuals to report criminal or suspected criminal activity. The Tips Line is not a substitute for the immediate reporting of events or situations in progress that require an immediate police response. Although callers may remain anonymous, police would prefer all callers reveal their identity as a source of contact should further clarification be necessary. To call the Tips Line, phone 330-342-1820.