HUDSON — The city's planning commission this week is expected to once again review a site plan for a 130-unit luxury apartment building for seniors on Barlow Road.

The commission on Dec. 11 will review conditional use and site plan requests made by Cameron General Contractors to construct a three-story continuing care retirement community on an 11.55-acre parcel at 1221 Barlow Road. There will be public hearings on the requests, too.

The commission discussed the plans on Nov. 13, but put the issue on hold after questions were raised about the development’s density, as well as its impact on traffic volume, EMS services and neighboring residents.

Bob Lewis, director of development for Cameron, said the building would sit on a 65,000-square-foot footprint and described it as a "high-end senior living community." He noted there are 128 rentable units, with one used by management and a second used by guests. Features include a concierge service, valet parking, a shuttle bus and meal service. At full occupancy, the building would house 170 to 175 people, according to Lewis. Kevin Detroy, an attorney for Cameron, said the facility is open to residents age 55 and older, with both independent living and assisted living residents living next to each other.

City Planner Greg Hannan said the proposed development meets the city’s definition of a "continuing care retirement community," which is allowed as a conditional use in the area where the development is eyed.

An updated planning department staff report that the commission will review on Dec. 11 addresses some of the concerns raised about the proposed development. Since Nov. 13, the planning department met with Hudson Fire/EMS Chief Jerry Varnes, who said while there is a "long-term trend" showing increases in EMS calls citywide, "he does not see any immediate concerns with the proposed application and has no objections to providing EMS services to the facility," the staff report stated.

The staff report also noted Cameron has submitted a "trip generation report" which the city engineer finds "acceptable," but wants it signed by a State of Ohio Professional Engineer. In a letter to Jennifer Schumacher, chief design manager for Hammontree & Associates, James E. Brenneman, senior project manager for IBI Group, states the development "is expected to generate minimal (less than one vehicle every three minutes) peak hour inbound and outbound traffic at the proposed private road access point on Barlow Road …it is the opinion of IBI Group that the impacts to existing traffic on Barlow Road from the proposed Barlow Road Retirement Community will be extremely negligible. The likelihood of turn lanes or other improvements being required on Barlow Road is also very small."

Hammontree & Associates is doing engineering work for Cameron's project.

Cameron also submitted a sight distance study which has been approved by the city engineer and is expected to provide a traffic review of the "potential build out of the full acreage" before the meeting on Dec. 11, according to the staff report.

The commission will meet Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. In Town Hall, Second floor, 27 E. Main St.