AKRON — Three medical marijuana farms have been approved to operate in the city, two of which will be on Home Avenue near Tallmadge.

AT-CPC of Ohio LLC of Akron learned last week it has received a Level 1 provisional cultivator's license from the state. The firm has chosen to locate its facility at 1055 Home Ave., in the area of Chapel Hill Mall near Tallmadge. There is an existing building on the property.

The site is next door to land being eyed by Fire Rock Ltd. in Massillon, approved to open a Level II grow facility at 1076 Home Ave. Galenas LLC of Salem has a Level II cultivator provisional license for 156 Main St., Akron.

On Nov. 30, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program announced the state had awarded 12 Level I provisional licenses to cultivate marijuana. The department had received 109 Level I cultivator applications, and of the 109 applications received, 36 met the minimum requirements and were considered for a provisional license.

Adam Thomarios is listed in the application as AT-CPC of Ohio's managing owner and president, and the company's primary contact. An email sent to Thomarios was not returned at press time. Thomarios owns 40 percent of the stock in the company, according to the application.

Hyong-gue Michael Bang, company CEO/CFO, is a 57 percent owner. CMO Dr. Paul Yongjin Song owns the remaining 3 percent of company stock.

AT-CPC of Ohio states in its application it intends to start with indoor cultivation. For security reasons, the applicant will fully prepare the estimated 12,800 square feet of flowering spaces during the initial construction; however, the firm expects to ramp up use of the flowering space over time, in accordance with market needs.

The applicant anticipates bringing online the greenhouse space in 2023, at which time indoor flowering space may again be placed on hold, pending market demand. AT-CPC estimates it will produce approximately 100 pounds of dried flower per month in the fourth quarter of 2018 to more than 200 pounds by the same time in 2019. They project that during the market growth phase, they will be challenged to generate a profit, with an estimated breakeven point of 150 pounds of dried flower per month.

Bang's company hopes to achieve this in the second or third quarter of 2019, and anticipates that it will be "cash flow positive" in third quarter 2019, the application said.

Once operational and fully ramped up, the AT-CPC plans to employ 31 full-time employees and 8 to 10 part-time trimmers, the application stated. The applicant said it will compile a database of resources in order to reach out to applicants. The HR Manager will distribute information regarding job opportunities to the database, with the intention of achieving a diverse pool of applicants.

This database also includes, but is not limited to, the following resources:

• Local jurisdiction office of Veteran’s Affairs.

• Veteran’s Hiring Services provided by the Department of Labor.

• Local vocational schools and universities with master’s programs.

• Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.

• Women Grow Ohio.

• NAACP’s Job Finder.


According to the application, the cultivars selected by AT-CPC will vary by availability at the time that the facility builds out. However, the applicant intends to offer strains that address Ohio’s qualifying conditions and their associated symptoms:

• AIDS/HIV: Loss of appetite, nausea, and pain.

• ALS: Wasting and spasms.

• Alzheimer’s: Sleeplessness and loss of appetite.

• Cancer: Nausea, loss of appetite, and pain.

• Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Pain.

• Crohn’s Disease: Pain, nausea, and loss of appetite.

• Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder: Seizures.

• Fibromyalgia: Pain, spasms and nausea.

• Glaucoma.

• Hepatitis C: Nausea.

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Pain and loss of appetite.

• Multiple Sclerosis: Pain and spasms.

• Pain, chronic and severe or intractable.

• Parkinson's: Pain, spasms and wasting/loss of appetite.

• PTSC: Anxiety.

• Sickle Cell Anaemia: Pain.

• Spinal Cord Disease/Injury: Pain and spasms.

• Tourette's Syndrom: Spasms.

• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Nausea and seizures.

• Ulcerative Colitis: Pain and loss of appetite.