— Macedonia —

Loader window smashed: An employee of a Roll and Hold Parkway business reported Nov. 27 that someone threw a rock through a loader window cab window, smashing it, while the loader was outside the business during the previous week. The employee said the damage was estimated at about $1,200.

Found property

Bomb squad takes fireworks: An employee of a Macedonia Commons Boulevard store reported finding fireworks in a bag in a drawer near his work station Nov. 25. Police said the homemade fireworks were five, 3-inch tubes with wicks on them. Police said store security video did not cover that part of the store. The fireworks were turned over to the Summit County Sheriff bomb squad, police said.

Drug possession

Man found in vehicle: A Bedford man, 32, was cited with marijuana possession after police responded to a report that the man was smoking marijuana while sitting in a vehicle outside a Macedonia Commons Boulevard business in the late morning Nov. 24. Police said that after smelling the odor of marijuana coming from the man's vehicle, they found a small amount of suspected marijuana in it.

Domestic violence

Man wanted on warrants: A 25-year-old Macedonia man was charged with domestic violence and theft, both first-degree misdemeanors, after a woman reported the man slammed a door on her back and hand, then pulled her hair and twisted her waist as she was trying to get away. The woman said the man also picked up her dog by the throat, choked her and slammed her down and took her cell phone while they were at their home Nov. 21. Injuries to the woman and dog were not described in a police report, but police said both were clearly upset.

The man was gone from the home when police arrived. Police returned to the home a few hours later after the woman called 911 to report the man had returned, but he was gone again when they arrived. According to Stow Municipal Court records, an arrest warrant was issued for the man on Nov. 30. Police said they also determined that the man was wanted on two arrest warrants in New Jersey, one for burglary and the other for failure to appear in court on a drug possession charge.


Woman reports phishing scam: A Macedonia woman reported Nov. 27 that after receiving an email telling her there was a problem with an account she has with a technology company, she responded by providing her name, Social Security number, date of birth and bank card information. The woman said she then became suspicious and contacted the company, which told her the email did not come from it and was a scam. The woman said she canceled her bank card and there were no fraudulent transactions on it. Police said the matter is under investigation.

Cell phones financed through fraudulent account: A Macedonia man reported Nov. 25 that someone used his personal information to open up a financing account with a technology company, then charged the purchase of four cell phones totaling a little over $4,000 in value. The man said he discovered the fraud after the phones were delivered to his home. The man said he contacted the company, had the account closed and he was shipping the phones back to the company.

Mystery shopper scam reported: A Macedonia woman reported Nov. 21 that she was scammed out of $800 in a mystery shopper scam. The woman said she responded to an email concerning a mystery shopper program and was sent a check for $980, which she deposited in her bank account. The woman said she was told to keep $180 for herself and use $800 to purchase gift cards and provide the cards' serial numbers to the person sending the email.

After completing her first assignment, the woman was instructed to send $10 to a scholarship program, which the woman said she did. The woman said her bank then notified her that the check that had been sent had bounced. Police said the Ohio Attorney General's Office is investigating the matter.

Store reports suspicious refund attempt: The assistant manager of a Macedonia Commons Boulevard store reported Nov. 19 that an unknown woman tried to return merchandise at the store without a receipt. The assistant manager said store policy is that merchandise can only be returned without a receipt if a customer has a store rewards card. The woman did not have one, the assistant manager said, and she became loud and aggressive before leaving. The assistant manager said it is believed that the woman had done this in other company stores, where she tried to intimidate store employees to violate company policy.

— Sagamore Hills —

Arrest warrant

Man wanted by court: A Berea man, 62, wanted by Stow Municipal Court for failing to appear in court on driving under suspension and a license plates light violation filed by Sagamore Hills police, was arrested at the township's police department Nov. 14.

Property damaged

Landscaping damaged: An Otis Court woman reported Nov. 12 that someone damaged flowers and shrubs outside her home since the day before. A police report did not include a damage estimate.

Resisting arrest

Man found in school bathroom: A 24-year-old Columbus man was charged with second-degree misdemeanor resisting arrest and fourth-degree misdemeanor criminal trespassing after police said a custodian found him in a bathroom at Lawrence School after school hours Nov. 9. Police said that while arresting the man, he kept pulling away from them, making it difficult to handcuff him. The man was taken to Macedonia City Jail.