CUYAHOGA FALLS — The assistant superintendent of the city's parks and recreation department has submitted her resignation one week after City Council's finance committee chair proposed that Council no longer pay for the job.

In a letter submitted Monday afternoon to Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Ed Stewart, Megan Moreland wrote that she was resigning from her assistant superintendent's post effective Jan. 3, 2018.

"I do not make this decision lightly, as I am proud of what I have had the opportunity to help accomplish for the residents of Cuyahoga Falls over the past three years," wrote Moreland.

The hiring of Moreland and her duties were addressed at a City Council budget hearing Nov. 20. In that meeting, Moreland told Council she does not directly supervise park employees and Stewart said Moreland handles programs that are "mostly not related to the park and rec department."

When asked to describe her duties, Moreland discussed her work with the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative and with revamping the city’s website. On Nov. 27, Finance Committee chair Carol Klinger (R-At Large), proposed that Council amend the 2018 budget ordinance to no longer fund Moreland’s $90,344 position.

"The administration presented this position as an assistant superintendent’s position ... and we put someone in the job who did a completely different function," said Klinger.

In her resignation letter, Moreland said she "worked vigorously to apply the administration's high-level vision to move the city and its parks to the next level, incorporating into my work the positive impact and integral role that parks play in the continual strengthening of neighborhoods."

Moreland wrote she was "most proud" of her work with the city's Neighborhood Excellence Initiative.

Other accomplishments she cited included creating the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks and producing an "award-winning, customer-focused website."