— Munroe Falls —


Alarm caused by power loss: Police and the fire department responded to a Northmoreland Drive business after receiving a fire alarm at about 8:15 a.m. Nov. 26. Police said the business was checked and nothing was found. It was determined the alarm was triggered by a brief electrical power loss, police said.


Vans reported in parking lot: Police responded to a report of two suspicious vans in a South Main Street parking lot at about 3:50 p.m. Nov. 24. Police said that when they arrived, they discovered the vans were owned by a cable television company and company employees were waiting to get information about a job assignment.

Man waiting for boss: Police responded to Forest Hill Drive after receiving a report by a woman of a man sitting in a vehicle parked out on the street at about 6:15 a.m. Nov. 21.

Police said the man told them he was waiting for his boss so that they could go to work together. The woman called about the man sitting in his vehicle again the next morning and police said they told her he was legally parked.

Criminal mischief

Concrete damaged: Police responded to a report that someone wrote on and left footprints in freshly poured sidewalk concrete on Munroe Falls Avenue Nov. 20. Police said a Munroe Falls boy and girl, both 8, were identified as responsible. No charges were reported, but police said the children's parents would have to pay the estimated $250 cost of repairing the damage.

— Stow —


Lottery ticket and cash stolen: A man reported Nov. 9 that someone took a $500 winning lottery ticket and $200 in cash from his locked vehicle while it was outside his home in Bryn Mawr Drive's 2100 block about a week before. Police said it is uncertain how the vehicle was entered. The man said he initially did not report the theft, but then decided to after learning that a neighbor's security camera caught images of the theft. Police said, however, that the images are not clear.

Computer stolen at store: A Cuyahoga Falls woman reported someone took a tablet computer of unspecified value belonging to her employer while she was at a store in Hudson Drive's 3500 block in the afternoon Nov. 8.

Headphones stolen: A woman reported Nov. 8 that someone took a backpack containing headphones of unspecified value from her unlocked vehicle while it was in her driveway in Vira Road's 3700 block since the evening before. Police said the backpack, without the headphones, was found nearby.

Items taken from vehicle: A man reported Nov. 8 that someone took a digital data storage device and a pair of sunglasses of unspecified values and some change from his vehicle while it was parked outside his home during the previous two days. A police report did not indicate whether the vehicle was locked.

Shoes stolen from store: An employee of a store in Kent Road's 4200 block reported an unknown person stole a pair of athletic shoes of unspecified value during the afternoon Nov. 8.

Criminal damaging

Tires punctured and vehicle scratched: An Akron woman reported Nov. 9 that someone scratched up her vehicle's sides and punctured all four tires while the vehicle was parked outside her work place in Darrow Road's 4800 block during the night. A police report did not include a damage estimate.


Vehicles entered in garage: A man reported Nov. 8 that someone entered his attached garage and took a key with a remote fob and an unspecified amount of money from two vehicles in Leewood Road's 4300 block during the night. A police report did not indicate whether there was forced entry.

Purse stolen from home: A woman reported someone entered her home during the night Nov. 1 and took her purse containing credit and bank cards, about $80 and some personal items from a kitchen counter. A police report did not indicate how the home was entered. Fraudulent charges to the credit and bank cards were not reported.

Breaking and entering

Items stolen from vacant home: A Hudson woman reported Nov. 7 thats someone entered a vacant home she owns in Kenneth Road's 4200 block and stole numerous items of unspecified values during the previous few days. Items reported taken included a chest of drawers, some chairs, hanging decorations and other decorative items, mirrors, a rug and pillows. A police report did not indicate how the home was entered.