HUDSON — After a brief hiatus the annual Messiah Sing is back.

The Academy Orchestra, Choir and student-soloists will be joined Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. in Ellsworth Hall by anyone who wants to sing the choruses in what is commonly called the "Christmas portion" of Handel's Messiah — finishing, of course, with the Hallelujah Chorus.

A tradition for many years at Western Reserve Academy, community "Messiah Sings" have been occurring for nearly as long as this beloved work has been around. Although George Friedrich Handel wrote the work in a whirlwind 24 days in 1742 for performance during the Easter season, it has become a tradition to perform the first part of the work and the Hallelujah Chorus at this time of year.

"I love the opportunity for my students to stand side by side with community singers and sing this incredible music," said Director of Music Midge Karam. "It’s truly inspirational to see people who have sung this music for more than 50 years standing next to young singers experiencing it for the first time. By the time we reach the Hallelujah Chorus, even those folks who came just 'to listen' join in with the singing; there's nothing quite like it."

The Academy Orchestra provides accompaniment for the choruses as well as playing the Overture and Pifa.

"The Messiah Sing is a great way to kick off the Christmas season," said Casey Semple (2018 graduate), who last played the work as a freshman and is also this year’s baritone soloist. "I love being able to see how I've progressed and playing this mature and amazing work makes me feel accomplished. I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with the community again and passing the torch to younger musicians."

Semple’s older brother, Connor (2015 graduate) will be re-joining as the first alumni orchestra member. Other soloists include Kali Chapas (Hudson); Daniel Mandel (Akron); Andrew Boniface (Gates Mills); James Doh (Los Angeles); Carlin Szilagyi '20 (Pittsburgh); Rain Wu (Hangzhou, China); Cindy Kang (Wuhan, China); and Isabelle Murray (Oxford, Ohio).

Scores for singers will be provided or participants are welcome to bring their own. Also provided will be cocoa, cookies, camaraderie and plenty of great music. For more information, contact Midge Karam 330-554-2866 or