MACEDONIA — One of the two incumbents on City Council was re-elected, while the governing body will see two new faces as of Jan. 1, 2018.

In the Nov. 7 general election, incumbent Jan Tulley was re-elected to her at-large seat, while incumbent Sylvia Hanneken lost her bid.

Hanneken thanked residents for their suppot over the last four years. “I plan to stay an active voice for residents in our city and surrounding communities, and invite residents to participate in the effort to make sure our local governments do their job honestly and effectively,” she said.

Newcomers Jessica Brandt and Vinni J. Ventura were elected to the two other seats. Challengers Jeff Garvas, Rita S. Darrow and Andrea Fink also sought seats in the seven-candidate race.

Final but unofficial results from the Summit County Board of Elections were as follows: Tulley (1,392), Brandt (1,178), Ventura (1,147), Garvas (1,059), Darrow (988), Hanneken (938) and Fink (613). The Board of Elections will certify votes on Nov. 28.

Ventura said he was proud of himself “for taking the high road during the election and we still came out on top. It was a very exciting night; we did what we set out to do,” he said.

Ventura, a 30-year resident of Macedonia and a 43-year veteran of law enforcement, said it’s now time to start working for the city. He is a certified police instructor specializing in firearms training and state mandated qualification.

Tulley, an executive escalation and critical issues manager at AT&T, served on Council for about 15 years prior to her current term. She believes the city must continue to look at infrastructure for safety and traffic flow and update its equipment needs.

“I’d like to thank the residents of Macedonia for the opportunity to continue to serve as a Council member,” said Tulley.

“The storm two days before the election showed exactly what our city is about — tenacity, willingness to help others, working with focus to bring things back to normalcy.

“That’s my continued goal as your Council representative — to continue to look for avenues to keep progress in Macedonia, while looking to financial stability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Brandt has lived in the city all her life. She has run a web development company since 1999, and she says she has an unwavering passion for the city and hopes ore residents will feel the same pride that she does.

“I want to thank all of the residents who took time to vote, especially if they were still dealing with storm debris and/or still living without power,” said Brandt. “Whether you voted for me or not, the fact that you voted at all shows your dedication to the future of Macedonia.

“I'd also like to thank the other candidates for what I feel was — for the most part — a clean election. There have been contentious elections here in the past, but I feel we were all able to present our ideas in the manner we most saw fit without fear of being drowned out by mud-slinging.”

She continued, “I am anxious to begin making more of a difference in Macedonia and want nothing else than to do what I have promised to do. The first order of business will be to bring respect and civility back to Council, and I know that will happen on day one.”

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