— Munroe Falls —

Traffic accident

Man cited in collision: A Belmont Park Drive man, 22, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after his vehicle struck the rear of a vehicle driven by a Cleveland man stopped in traffic while northbound on North Main Street at about 8 a.m. Nov. 6. There were no reported injuries and damage to both vehicles was minor, police said.

Man drives into porch: An Akron man, 38, was cited with failure to control after he drove off the road and into a home's front porch while making a right turn off Charring Cross Drive onto North River Road at about 9 p.m. Nov. 3. Police said there were no reported injuries and damage to the porch and the man's vehicle was minor.

Man slowed for deer: A Tallmadge woman, 19, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after her vehicle struck the rear of a vehicle driven by a Lakemore man while they were southbound on South Main Street near Guise Drive at about 10 p.m. Oct. 31. The man said he had slowed down because he was concerned that a deer at the side of the road would run out in front of his vehicle. Police said there were no reported injuries and the woman's vehicle sustained disabling damage and the man's vehicle sustained minor damage.


Knee brace stolen from store: The manager of a Northmoreland Avenue store reported discovering Nov. 5 that an unknown person took a $15 knee brace from the store the night before.

Suspicious events

Boys found in locker room: Police said they responded to Kimpton Middle School after receiving a report that two male students did not show up in class in the early afternoon Oct. 31. Police said that during a search, the boys were found in a boys locker room with a bottle containing a blue liquid, which the boys said was a combination of two sodas and some candy. A breathalyzer device was brought to the school, but no alcohol was detected on the boys' breath. No charges were filed, but police said the boys would be disciplined by the school.

Noise heard in basement: A Gaylord Drive woman reported hearing strange noises coming from her basement in the evening Oct. 30. Police said they searched the basement and did not find anything unusual.

Coughing heard outside home: A Gaylord Drive woman reported Oct. 25 that she heard what sounded like someone coughing outside her home late in the evening Oct. 25. Police said they searched the area and did not find any indication anyone had been there.

Unattended bonfire

Woman cited for fire: A Kent woman was cited with unattended bonfire after a neighbor reported there was an unattended fire outside a Harry Avenue home the woman owns in the early afternoon Oct. 25. Police said they found a fire smouldering in the home's back yard, which the Munroe Falls Fire Department extinguished.

— Stow —


Tools taken from truck, trailer: A man reported Oct. 29 that someone took a weed trimmer and a leaf blower of unspecified values from his truck bed and trailer while they were parked outside his home in Oak Road's 3400 block during the night.

Items stolen from vehicles: A man reported Oct. 28 that someone took items from three unlocked vehicles while they were parked in his driveway in Stockbridge Drive's 3100 block during the night.

Items reported stolen included a purse containing a bank card, credit card, and driver's license and a wallet containing a credit card, driver's license, a $50 gift card and about $3 in cash. The man said the credit card and driver's license from the wallet were found on the ground near his house. Also found, he said, was a pack of cigarillos that did not belong to anyone in the home.

No fraudulent charges to the credit and bank cards in the stolen purse were reported.

Cell phone stolen at store: A Cuyahoga Falls man reported someone took his cell phone of unspecified value after he left it in the men's room of a store in Hudson Drive's 3500 block in the early afternoon Oct. 27.

Political signs stolen: A man reported Oct. 26 that someone took two political signs of unspecified values from his front yard in Leewood Road's 3700 block during the previous week.

Residents report vehicles entered: Two residents in an area southwest of Steels Corners Road and Route 8 reported Oct. 26 that someone entered unlocked vehicles parked outside their homes during the night, with one resident reporting thefts.

A Bridgewater Parkway woman reported someone took her purse containing two bank cards, her driver's license, Social Security card, a spare car key and about $5. The woman said one bank card was used to purchase two cell phones at a Canton store totaling nearly $400. A store manager, however, told police that the card was only approved to pay for part of the purchase of one phone totaling about $183 in value. The woman said both cards were canceled.

A man reported someone rummaged through items in his vehicle while it was outside his home in Wyndham Ridge Drive's 4000 block, but nothing was taken.

Breaking and entering

City-owned barn broken into: A man reported that while walking his dog on the wellness trail near the city's service department building in the early evening Oct. 26, he noticed someone apparently broke into a city-owned barn Police said two wooden doors had been pried open. Police did not know whether anything was missing. According to a police report, the wooden doors were damaged, with holes left in them, but the report did not include a damage estimate.

Identity Fraud

Fraudulent activity reported: A Deepcrest Path woman reported discovering Oct. 25 that during the previous two weeks, someone paid a phone bill for an unspecified amount using her bank card information and used her address to unsuccessfully open a cell phone account with a different provider. The woman said her bank account has been closed. Police said the investigation is closed.


Credit card reported stolen: A Mockingbird Trail man reported Oct. 24 that he lost more than $3,800 after he sold and shipped windows to someone who used a stolen credit card to pay for them. Police said they were unable to identify a suspect and the investigation is closed.