While large trees downed by Sunday’s storm must be removed by contractors, communities throughout the area are sending workers out to assist residents with removal of branches knocked down by high winds. The Nordonia Hills, Twinsburg and Aurora areas were hit so hard that bus routes were blocked and schools had to be canceled on Monday.

Towns offering help with cleanup are as follows:

• The City of Macedonia has asked residents to use caution while traveling roadways and stay clear of areas marked with barricades or caution tape. There are crews out around the city performing cleanup and tree removal from the roads and rights-of-way first to clear potential hazards and then will be going around for all other branch removal to assist with cleanup efforts.

Victims of storm damage are being instructed to contact a contractor, and they may call the city's building department for a list of registered contractors to choose from. Cooperation is appreciated during this time while the city performs damage assessments and cleanup throughout the entire city, the announcement stated.

• The Northfield Center Township Service Department will be picking up branches, limbs and logs to help with the storm cleanup, as long as they are placed at the edge of the roadway. Limbs should be placed with the thicker ends pointing towards the street. They should not be placed in piles or cut into shorter lengths. There will be multiple rounds on each road as needed.

Motorists are asked to take extra care when passing workers, as they will be wearing noise cancelling headsets because of the chipper. For questions, comments or suggestions, contact the Town Hall either at 330-467-7646 ext. 5, or email townhall@northfieldcenter.com.

• The Village of Northfield announced it will be hiring a contractor over the next couple weeks to chip the branches residents have down from the Nov. 5 storm. The branches must be 6" or less in diameter, placed on the curb for chipping. Residents are asked to make sure your leaves and branches are in separate piles, make sure that the branches do not go out into the street. If there are branches in the leaf piles they will not be picked up.

• Sagamore Hills Township announced Tuesday that the service department will be going around with a chipper to collect tree debris (branches, limbs, etc.) from the storm damage, hopefully starting Wednesday.

Residents are asked to place the limbs and/or branches (not exceeding 6 inches in diameter) in a single, flat layer across the tree lawn area. Debris should not be placed in the street and branches stacked in piles will not be picked up, as they are difficult to remove.

• The city of Twinsburg Service Department is out with additional branch chipping equipment and crews circulating through the City to assist residents with storm damage clean up. Residents are asked to be aware the maximum size of branches that can be chipped is 10 inches in diameter.

Branches are to be piled on the tree lawns parallel to the roadway (cut ends not facing the road) to increase worker safety and efficiency. The Service Department thanks neighboring communities who have offered equipment and manpower to help with clean-up efforts.

• The City of Aurora posted on its website that the city has sustained significant storm damage from Sunday's storm. For safety's sake, residents are urged to observe all detours and road blocks. Do not approach these areas or remove barricades and never go near downed power lines. If a resident has experienced home structural damage, they are encouraged to inform their property insurance carrier.

• In Twinsburg Township, trustees have decided to offer a special branch chipping round starting Nov. 28 and continuing until the entire township is cleared.

Crews will collect from each township street only once, and residents are encouraged to have branches out prior to the 7 a.m. Nov. 28 pickup and follow a few simple guidelines for service.

All branches should be placed in neatly stacked piles no greater than 10-inch diameter, and keep branches out of roadside ditches. Branches should not be mixed with leaves. REgularly scheduled leaf collection will take place the following week.

More information can be found at www.twinsburtwp.com under the "current programs" tab or by calling 330-425-4497.

The following companies might be of assistance for cleanup and repair: Design Restoration, 1-888-820-1522; Orion Construction, 330-244-9708; or J. Bowers Construction, 1-800-289-9050.