With the recent addition of a new powered ambulance cot, Hudson EMS is closer to reaching its goal of having power cots in all its ambulances. 

EMS Outreach of Hudson presented a check to the city Sept. 6 for $8,000 to use toward purchasing the cot. In addition to the generous donation from EMS Outreach, the city received a $34,800 grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to help offset the total purchase price of $44,000. 

This is the second powered ambulance cot purchased by the city. The first was purchased in 2016. Powered cots make transporting patients easier and offer additional stability when lifting patients into the ambulance. Last year, Hudson EMS responded to approximately 1,700 emergency calls, a number that continues to increase. A powered cot that raises and lowers the patient at the push of a button, helps prevent back and spine injuries to EMS workers from the strain of lifting patients in and out of the ambulance many times each day. 

The equipment not only lifts the cot to the height of the ambulance, but also automatically loads it into the back of the ambulance.

"We wouldn’t have been able to purchase this important equipment without the generous donation from EMS Outreach, as well as the grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation," said Hudson Fire and EMS Chief Jerry Varnes. "We appreciate the continuing support from EMS Outreach and the community."

The city is applying for another grant in hopes of providing partial funding for a third powered ambulance cot. 

"Our goal is to have all three of Hudson’s ambulances equipped with power cots," Varnes said.

Hudson Emergency Medical Services is staffed predominantly by community volunteers and supported by full- and part-time career personnel. Hudson EMS provides full, advanced life-support transport ambulance service to the city of Hudson.

EMS Outreach of Hudson was founded in 2010 to provide support to expand Hudson EMS within the community through advocacy, coordination of auxiliary activities, public awareness, technical assistance, funding and training. Although not a part of Hudson EMS, it’s goal is to work in partnership with Hudson EMS to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Hudson through the promotion of general wellness and safety.