SAGAMORE HILLS -- Phase II of the Canyon View Road reconstruction project, started in 2016, may see its completion in 2018, if the township is awarded grant money.

Sagamore Hills trustees voted unanimously in a special meeting June 28 to apply for a 50 percent grant from Ohio Public Works Commission in conjunction with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and the North Hills Water District.

Trustee Paul Schweikert said having three entities sponsoring a project is a major benefit.

"The more entities you put on a project, the higher you score," with the OPWC, Schweikert said. "We scored really high last year but other areas scored higher."

If the grant comes through, the township would only have to pay for $400,000 for the project. The North Hills Water District would pay $200,000 and NEORSD would pay for $100,000, Schweikert said.

Township attorney and attorney for the water district, Jeff Snell, said the project not only includes the rebuilding of the remaining 2,700 feet of roadway, but the replacement of all 4,000 feet of water line, which is owned by the water district.

After learning the water line needed to be replaced, Trustees turned down a $191,000 grant from the OPWC earlier this year for Phase II.

Schweikert said all three Trustees, along with Fiscal Officer Scott Gale, agreed to turn down the money because it wasn't nearly enough for the $1.4 million project and would not have paid for the replacement of a 50-year-old water line, which frequently breaks.

"We have had at least two to three good breaks, where the water has run for 24 hours before Cleveland came to fix it," Schweikert said.

Snell said to work on the breaks, the township has had to close Canyon View Road in the past in order to isolate the problem. With the new line, Snell said the the water line will have sections making it easier to isolate line problems in the future.

The NEORSD funds contributing to the project are from the community share Sagamore Hills residents have been paying. Snell said the money will fund the catch basin, gutter and curb replacements associated with the project.

Phase I was completed last summer and extended from Greenwood Parkway down the road 1,300 feet toward Route 82. Snell said the new roadway will not be disturbed in order to replace the water line, as construction crews will be able to bore under the road to access the waterline.

The cost of Phase I was $720,000, of which township paid $360,000 after receiving an OPWC matching grant, Schweikert said.

Schweikert said the township should know by Thanksgiving if they will receive funds or not. Snell added the project would go out for bid at the beginning of 2018 to be completed in the summer months.

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