Have you recently lost a spouse or child 2 years and older? Or have you lost a loved one to an accidental overdose or suicide?

Kelly's Grief Center is offering support groups beginning the weeks of Sept. 5 and 11. The groups have specific topics to help you through grief and are designed to bring together those who have a similar loss and provide a safe environment to begin the healing process. To register for Spouse Loss Group on Mondays (runs 8 weeks), Accidental Overdose Group on Tuesdays (runs 10 weeks), Suicide Loss Group on Wednesdays (runs 10 weeks) or Child Loss Group on Thursdays (runs 8 weeks), go to: www.kellysgriefcenter.org or call 330-593-5959.

Kelly's Grief Center is located at 135 E. Erie St., Suite 302, Kent. For more information, visit the website at www.kellysgriefcenter.org.