STOW -- Police are investigating four mid-June residential burglaries in the city, with an arrest made in one case.

A total of nearly $30,000 in electronics, clothing, jewelry and money was reported stolen in the burglaries.

Police Chief Jeff Film told the Stow Sentry July 7 that police suspect three burglaries are related, but the one in which an arrest was made is believed to have been an isolated incident.

According to Stow Municipal Court records, 27-year-old Kent resident Colin E. Kenney is charged with second-degree felony burglary in connection with a June 15 burglary of a home in Lynnwood Drive's 2100 block. Numerous items, mostly electronic and clothing totaling more than $27,000 in value, were reported stolen.

Kenney's case was was sent to a Summit County grand jury on July 6 via the court's direct indictment program and he is scheduled for a July 12 arraignment in Summit County Court of Common Pleas. He was being held in Summit County Jail on a 10 percent of $50,000 bond as of July 7.

A Lynnwood Drive man reported June 15 that someone entered his unlocked home while he was away for about an hour in the late morning.

Items reported stolen included a 55-inch television set, a 27-inch and a 22-inch computer monitor, four computer towers, nine men's custom-made designer suits, four pairs of dress shoes, a pair of athletic shoes and a lawn chair. Police said many of the items, including the suits totaling $24,000 in value, have been recovered.

Police said they identified Kenney as a suspect after they found a cell phone identified as his left behind in the home. A warrant was issued for his arrest on June 19 and Portage County Jail reported it had Kenney in custody on June 23. Stow police said Kenney was then transferred to Summit County Jail.

In the other incidents, a man reported someone broke into his home in Stow Road's 5200 block during a 24-hour period June 13 and 14 and took a jewelry box and jewelry, totaling about $1,300 in value, and money, mostly coins, totaling about $320.

Police said a brick was used to smash a bedroom window, causing about $500 in damage.

A man reported someone entered his home, possibly through an unlocked door, in Hibbard Drive's 1400 block and took a $200 video game system and a $20 lock box during the day June 14.

A woman reported discovering someone kicked open the front door of her home in Gangl Drive's 1400 block while she was away from home for more than an hour June 16. Nothing was reported taken in that case.


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