The following students from Aurora earned degrees from Ohio State University at spring 2017 semester commencement exercises:

Brett A. Balog, Benjamin J. Flowers, Blair D. Henderson, Randall T. Golliher and Michael J. Hosey, bachelor of arts; Lauren A. Bowen (magna cum laude), Kelly M. Fussner (magna cum laude), Alyssa N. Huston (summa cum laude) and Elizabeth M. Voyzey (summa cum laude), bachelor of science in education.

Dylan J. Gugliotta, Aaron J. Kimson (magna cum laude), Annelise N. Lindenfelser (magna cum laude) and Lauren M. Thompson, bachelor of science in business administration; Samantha L. Huston (summa cum laude), doctor of veterinary medicine; Dmitriy Dorfman, BS in aeronautical and astronautical engineering.

Jillian H. Filarski and Dana L. Mealing, BS in health and rehalibtation science; Hannah M. Haughey, BS in human ecology; Kyle A. Kainec (cum laude) and Zachary A. Wykoff (magna cum laude), bachelor of science; Mitchell S. Faith and Matthew G. Rees, BS in chemical engineering; Rachel E. Stover, associate of arts.

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The following students from Aurora were named to the dean's list for the spring 2017 semester at Ohio State University:

Madison C. Allen, Elise Altobelli, Cory M. Bianco, Ashleigh N. Blatnick, Tyler H. Blechschmid, Grace A. Bollas, Marcia F. Burns, Brittany M. Caldwell, Jacqueline O. Caputo, Craig Conley, Allison Crasi, Megan M. Crevar, Reece DeAnna, Alex T. De lahunta, Kaitlyn C. Desilva, Alec N. Detweiler, Taylor J. Dittrich.

Julie L. Dombroski, Dmitriy Dorfman, Jillian H. Filarski, Zachary E. Francisco, Cameron E. Goldston, Randall T. Golliher, Alexander J. Hickey, Sarahy J. Holt, Kyle A. Kaincec, Mallory E. Kamer, Aaron J. Kimson, Amanda M. Kovalcheck, Helen Krondorfer, Anton Krondorfer, Phuoc-Hanh Dang Le, Annelise N. Lindenfelser.

Alexandra Milano, Taylor Miotke, Matthew G. Rees, Ericka Richards, Mackenzie M. Schumaker, Nathan M. Smith, Meghan Stepanek, Reid Wesley Stephan, Lauren M. Thompson, Kendall M. Trudick, Alexandria Turle, John B. Updyke, Maceline R. Updyke, Carli Wazinski, Jordan M. Wittig and Zachary A. Wykoff.

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Miami University awarded 3,683 degrees to students during spring commencement exercises May 13 in Yager Stadium. Aurora students who received degrees are:

Eric Bluso, Maddie Tutkovics and Leslie Rohde (cum laude), bachelor of science in education; Christine Broda, Justin Frankmann, Kate Gilmore (cum laude) and Richard Radis (cum laude), BS in business; Austin Cabi, bachelor of arts in architecture; Nick Groth, BS in chemistry; Lauren Hurley, BS in speech pathology and audiology (cum laude); Andrew Kondik, bachelor of arts; Daniel Louis, BS in engineering; Kathryn McClure and James Steinbauer, BA in journalism.

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The Polish National Alliance Scholarship ad-hoc committee has awarded Alfred J. Beckstrom and Louise L. Beckstrom merit scholarships for the 2017-18 school year based upon their academic performance.

Alfred is a fourth-year mechanical engineering major at Gannon University in Erie, Pa. and Louise is a third-year chemical engineering major at Cleveland State University.

In addition, Alfred received notification that his Charles W. Finkl Fund Scholarship sponsored by the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation has been renewed. The award is based on his academic performance and full-time undergraduate enrollment at Gannon for the entire 2017-18 academic year.