Destination Hudson's "Visit 17 Hudsons in 2017 Challenge" was designed to encourage Hudsonites to consider and learn about the similarities and differences of villages, towns and cities that share our name. The first person to visit all 17 Hudsons in 2017 will win a $500 shopping spree at the Visitor Center's Gift Shop. If that person also visits Hudson' sister city, Landsberg am Lech, Germany in 2017, the Challenge's prize would increase to $750.

Inclusion of Landsberg in the Challenge is intended to revive knowledge of the sister city program and encourage interest in Hudson's partner city, Landsberg.

A formal agreement between Landsberg and Hudson was signed in 1984 that has bound the two cities in a manner that encourages cooperative business dealings, promotes tourism and fosters people to people contact.

Landsberg am Lech literally means Landsberg on the river Lech which flows through the historic town center. Located 40 miles southwest of Munich, Landsberg is part of Bavaria, one of the 16 federal states that comprise that nation of Germany. Landsberg has a rich history that dates back to the 13th century. The city is situated along the "Romantic Road," a medieval trade route that linked Wrzburg in the center of Germany to Fssen in the south. Today the Romantic Road is said to envelope and capture quintessential German scenery and culture.

In terms of size, Landsberg is only slightly smaller in landmass than its Ohio sister, but has approximately 4,300 more residents. Landsberg, like Hudson, is noted for its high quality of life and picturesque historic center. The town has more than 500 historic buildings including a former Theological College, a medieval town wall with a gorgeous Gothic town gateway, the Bayertor, a Gothic basilica and an iconic tower, the Mutterturm. The town has a weekly farmer's market, and has many specialty shops and galleries that cater to residents and visitors. Excellent restaurants and a beer garden overlooking the River Lech add to the town's appeal and notable charm. Cultural activities range from concerts to theatre performances in the assembly hall of the historic town hall. The Ruethenfest pageant held every four years is Landsberg's largest festival. The annual town party, a pottery market and the Christmas market are among the noted local celebrations.

A shadow on its past is the Landsberg Prison where Adolf Hitler authored Mein Kampf following his imprisonment for the failed Munich coup in 1923. Towards the end of World War II a small concentration was located near Landsberg. It was liberated in 1945 and today is the site of the European Holocaust Memorial.

The biannual exchange of visiting delegations between Hudson and Landsberg was suspended in recent years as was an exchange program for high school students. Resumption of both programs is under discussion by those involved in the sister city program.

Information regarding the ongoing "17 Hudsons Challenge" can be accessed at or in-person at the Hudson Visitor Center, located in the old Town Hall, at 27 East Main Street. Hudson's Restaurant and the Hudson Hub-Times are co-sponsors of the Challenge.