Sixty one students in kindergarten through seventh grade from the Tallmadge, Ravenna, Kent and Stow city school districts, as well as Akron Public Schools, attended Camp Invention at the high school from June 12 through16.

Throughout the week, the students completed various science experiments, including growing crystals, discovering the adaption of plants and exploring propulsion using homemade rockets and bubble blasters. They also created their own inventions and learned how to market them.

Student inventions included: massage chairs, wind chimes, hats, wallets, new games and banks.

Several of Tallmadge City School District teachers helped out during the week, including Cerafina Gotto, Dunbar Elementary School's first-grade teacher; Erin Bluey, Munroe Elementary School's fifth-grade teacher; Rachel Davis, Tallmadge Middle School's eighth-grade teacher; and Emilee Vitez, Munroe Elementary School's fourth-grade teacher.

"We were fortunate this year to have several Tallmadge High School students, one Walsh High School student and three college students volunteer their time for the entire week to help our campers be successful and have fun," said Gotto. "These young men and women were a tremendous help and were excellent role models for our campers."

The students enjoyed learning in the exoplanet session and making their own inventions.

"This was a great week for our students to use their imagination and explore different avenues to create their own inventions," said Superintendent Jeff Ferguson.

"We are always looking for opportunities that will allow our students to expand their skills and creativity."

Camp Invention is a National Inventors Hall of Fame program that presents students with hands-on challenges and encourages creativity, problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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