Hudson The full vision for a downtown development can be seen July 24 at an open house at Case Barlow Center.

A two-dimensional plan for Downtown Phase II was presented by Testa Companies June 26 at a special meeting of the planning commission, but the architectural look of the buildings is still being designed, according to Joel Testa.

"We know it [the architecture] has to be perfect and unique," Testa said.

The concept plan looked at "things that make sense for downtown [Hudson] that don't work in other parts of the city," Testa said.

The developers and the city have had two previous open houses for public input and the plan looked at the city's Comprehensive Plan as a guide, said Mark Richardson, community development director. A formal plan is expected by winter and if approved by Council, construction could being in the spring of 2018.

The residents don't want buildings that are too tall or too dense, Testa said. They don't want an urban feel.

In response, Testa said they have scaled back the project with a maximum height of three floors instead of four and fewer housing units.

In April, Testa presented a preliminary plan that showed the road patterns with a boulevard along Owen Brown Street to slow traffic. That feature remains and possibly a light could be added at the narrow opening beneath the railroad for one-way traffic and a pedestrian walkway. Village Way would continue past Morse Road along the railroad tracks and head north to intersect Owen Brown and two new roads that create a loop to Morse Road.

In addition, Testa talked about flex space or buildings that could become office space, mixed-use or housing, depending on the demand.

Parking was a concern for residents and a 350-car parking deck near the railroad tracks is in the conceptual plan with covered parking in the mixed use areas and garages in the back for the housing areas, Testa said.

A boutique hotel is in the conceptual plan and would be in the southern area of the development, he said. It would be about a 30- to 40-room smaller hotel.

Commercial office space would be in the southern area as well. Some office or service retail could be placed along the Owen Brown Boulevard. North of that is mixed use with office businesses on the first floor and housing on the second and third floors. Then three-story multi family units would have single-floor housing with an elevator access. In the north end are attached and traditional town homes.

Green space is located throughout the proposed development with interactive play space throughout the neighborhoods, Testa said. In addition the tree line in the north has been preserved and a walking trail added to the northwest corner.

Testa said he talked with Tom Murdough, the developer of First & Main, to create the look that both developments were made as one.

City Planner Greg Hannan has been working with Testa and his team. For the development to move forward, existing city and school structures must be moved. Hudson Public Power will move into its new location on Hudson Drive this fall. The bus garage and salt dome will begin construction on Hudson Drive near Terex Road in the spring of 2018, Hannan said.

Planning Commission members asked questions about the development, but no public input was allowed at the meeting.


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