MACEDONIA -- Orange barrels are in the city's future as nine roads are set to be paved starting in July, with more in coming years.

Council unanimously voted to award the 2017 road program to the lowest bidder of two bids received, during a special meeting held June 21 at city hall.

The lower bid from Specialized Construction, Inc. came in at $1.65 million and the higher of the two was from The Shelley Company at just over $1.8 million.

City Engineer Joe Gilgliotti stated in a June 17 recommendation letter to Mayor Joe Migliorini he recommended accepting the lower bid.

"This dollar amount is reasonably below the Engineer's estimate of $1.75 million," Gigliotti said. "Previously, this contractor has successfully completed similar work both in the city of Macedonia and for other communities represented by (city engineering contractor) Chagrin Valley Engineering, Ltd."

The administration divided city roads to be serviced into three groups. The first group, to be paved this summer, includes Skyland Drive, Laurel Drive (from Chamberlain Road to Shepard Road), Sioux Lane, Waters Drive, Summer Road, Barkdale Lane (from Newport Drive to Bonnie Road), South Skyland Drive, Roseland Drive and Macedonia Commons Boulevard.

Migliorini said he has received many complaints regarding Macedonia Commons Boulevard.

"It's become a real liability because of the traffic we have on a daily basis through Macedonia Commons, which is the heart of commercial development in our city," Migliorini said.

Councilor Jan Tulley said the road work has been much needed.

"Barkdale is down to dirt," Tulley said. "This will make it a real road again."

There is no date set yet for work to begin, but Gigliotti said he anticipates the work to begin in July and be completed by the middle of October. He added there will be a pre-construction meeting to determine the order in which Specialized Construction will pave the roads.

Gigliotti added at this time there are no planned road closures during the project.

The roads will be paid for using bonds. Finance Director Rhonda Hall told the News Leader June 23 she expects the city will sell one-year notes, called bond anticipation notes, to investors to bring in the cash to finance the project. She said those notes will eventually be converted to longer-term, 20-year bonds. Funds generated by the 0.5 percent income tax increase voters approved in May will be used to cover cover payments on the notes, bonds and associated interest.

Tulle said the city in prior years had financed road paving projects with bonds, but eventually had to cut funds in other areas to pay for the bonds -- which is why the city started paying cash for road repairs in recent years.

"This is how we previously had been able to fund roads 20 years ago," Tulley said. "The big difference this time is we have guaranteed dollars from the income tax that will specifically go to paying for this."

Council will hold a second special meeting once legislation approving the sale of notes is ready for approval.

The second group of roads to be addressed, which the city will look to pave in 2018 includes the following: Meadowlawn Drive, Valley View Road (Highland Road- Route 82), Foxhill Lane, Eillen Drive, Ledge Road (from Peppers Market to Sheffield Steel), North Bedford Road (Northern city limit to Ledge Road), the eastern half of Shepard Hills Boulevard, Thistleridge Drive, Sugarbush Park, Brookdale Lane, Driftwood Lane (Shepard Road to Barkdale Lane), Stoneridge Road, Tanglewood Drive and Gloria Drive.

Gigliotti said the city hopes to pave the third group in 2018, as well, but no decision has been made. Group 3 includes Shepard Road (Route 82 to Highland Road), Commanche Trail, Robin Lane, Berkshire Drive (North Bedford Road to Crow Drive), Brookpoint Drive, Oakview Road (east of Indian Creek), Firestone Lane (Ledge Road to Robinwood Terrace), Seminole Lane, Swallow Drive, Cheyenne Run, Valley View Road (Summer Road to Preserve Lane), Longwood Drive, Longbrook Drive, Twinsburg Road (Valley View Road to the eastern city limit), Twinsburg Road (western city limit to Valley View Road), Crow Drive (Shepard Hills to Route 82) and Wren Drive.

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