MACEDONIA -- A public hearing has been scheduled for July 27 regarding adding two acres along Route 82 west of the Giant Eagle in Northfield Center to the Joint Economic Development District between the city and township.

City Council scheduled the hearing for 7:15 p.m. prior to the next regularly scheduled Council meeting July 27.

A Joint Economic Development District, or JEDD, is the result of an arrangement between a township and a city or village that allows them to split income taxes and the responsibilities of commercial development and emergency response. Generally, townships are not allowed to levy income taxes.

Mayor Joe Migliorini said the property would house a Dunkin Donuts, which has petitioned the city to be added to the JEDD. He said the Dunkin Donuts located approximately 1 mile east on Route 82 at the corner of North Bedford Road will remain open.

"I talked to the owner of Dunkin Donuts and found it very interesting that he would want to put one so close to the other," he said. "It's going to replicate what we already have here in Macedonia. I have already talked to the architect and we started to critique the architectural design."

Gaining control over planning is one benefit of adding the property to the JEDD.

"We get to govern the aesthetic values and good planning from having it done by the city, as opposed to the county seeing as how we did such a good job with The Crossings in the first place," Migliorini said. "This is obviously important to everybody from the standpoint of good planning and good layout and working with another development that's going to occur. We are excited about it."

Migliorini said the city is working with Giant Eagle to negotiate parking and cross easements. He said once the public hearing is held, the city can pass legislation simultaneously with Northfield Center Trustees to add the land to the JEDD, and then begin acting as the planning authority.

"That's what is most important about this so we don't have to send it down to the county and they can deal with our building department and they can deal with us as it relates to site development," Migliorini said adding the deal will still have to meet county and state approval.

Northfield Center Trustee Paul Buescher said including the property in the JEDD would benefit the township financially.

"We would receive half the income tax from the workers," Buescher said. "That's the whole purpose of the JEDD. Townships can't collect tax dollars but cities can. This would generate funds."

Migliorini agreed, adding the project creates additional revenue for both the city and the township.

He added if the property is added to the JEDD, the money the township receives would help supplement the cost of he sheriff's contract with the township. The contract is due to expire Dec. 31, but Buescher said he anticipates negotiations to go smoothly this year on a renewal.

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