"Mark's Lemonade Stand" will be held for the Children's Organ Transplant Association in honor of Mark Frick, a Tallmadge child who needs had a double lung transplant.

The event is planned for July 1 in the parking lot in front of Linda's Kitchen, 141 Northwest Ave., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 11-year-old Mark is listed for a double lung transplant in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Funds are being raised to assist with transplant-related expenses.

The lemonade stand will feature lemonade, baked goods, T-shirts and more.

Mark will also be at the lemonade stand to thank each person who stops and purchases lemonade or other items.

"The family and friends of Mark want to encourage everyone in the community to attend stop by our lemonade stand in an effort to help give Mark a second chance at life," said Event Chair Kyndra Watson. "One hundred percent of the profits from "Mark's Lemonade Stand" will assist with transplant-related expenses." More information on how to donate can be found on the site, The Power Of Mark for COTAforMarkF.com.

Mark was diagnosed with cancer when he was 15 months old and is in need of the transplant due to the side effects of chemotherapy. The Frick family needs an estimated $50,000 to pay transplant-related expenses.

For more information about "Mark's Lemonade Stand," or other fundraising and volunteer opportunities, please contact Kyndra Watson at cotaformarkf@gmail.com.