HUDSON -- The Board of Education and Hudson Education Association have agreed on a three-year contract, which will see a 2 percent base pay increase each year of the contract -- based on performance.

The HEA voted to ratify the contact May 17, according to Dave Spohn, HEA president. The deal will take effect July 1.

According to Superintendent Phil Herman, the agreement is one of two negotiations the district and unions have been working on since the spring. The district is still in negotiations with the support staff union Association of Public School Employees Local 372.

"All parties worked in good faith with the needs of the students front and center, while also respecting the Board's financial responsibilities to the community," Director of Human Resources Lisa Hunt, said about the teachers' contract.

"I believe these provisions recognize the strong performance and leadership among our teachers while enabling our Board to meet the needs of our students and operate a high-performing district within its budget."

Members will get a 2 percent base pay cost of living increase each year of the contract if they meet the top two evaluation tiers of "skilled" and "accomplished," Hunt said.

Members who do not meet the top two tiers and are evaluated as ineffective, or those who have been rated developmental for three years, will not receive an increase, according to the contract language.

Union members also agreed to pay insurance premiums based on participation in a wellness program and a health education program.

Prescription co-pays were raised $10 and mail order, as well as generic medication, are being phased in when available. The district also will offer incentives for master's degrees over bachelor's, Hunt said.

Spohn called negotiations for his approximately 340 members "positive and productive. We spent time creating contract language that reflected current best practices.

"Economic issues are always more difficult, but we were able to come to terms more quickly because we agreed to use comparable districts and market conditions as the basis for our discussions," Spohn said. "

"We also agreed to a process that kept us together discussing issues rather than submitting proposals to each other."

Spohn said the HEA is "happy that HEA is able to continue to partner with the administration, BOE and community to create a world class education for our students.

"Through the collective bargaining process, we were able to create an agreement that was acceptable all and reflects the status and expectations of our school community," he added.


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