City Council members Beth Bigham, President Hal DeSaussure, Dennis Hanink, Alex Kelemen, Casey Weinstein, Dan Williams and William Wooldredge approved the following legislation at the June 20, 2017, regular Council meeting:

A resolution congratulating the Burton D. Morgan Foundation on 50 years of philanthropy. The foundation has inspired, supported, and educated aspiring entrepreneurs since 1967.

A Motion to Acknowledge the Timely Receipt of the May 2017 Monthly Financial Report

A resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into a contract with Weatherproofing Technologies Inc. for $89,815 for the Barlow Community Center roof replacement project; and declaring an emergency.

A resolution authorizing the execution of a remaining requirements energy supply schedule with American Municipal Power, Inc. ("AMP"). In order to satisfy the City's power requirements American Municipal Power (AMP) provides power to the City of Hudson from a portfolio of energy resources.

A resolution authorizing the city manager, or her designee, to apply for 2017 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) officer hiring program funding from the I.S. Department of Justice; and declaring an emergency.

An ordinance amending Chapter 254 of the Codified Ordinances entitled "Employee Handbook and Personnel Rules" concerning the employment examination process; and declaring an emergency.

A resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into a contract for professional services with Akhia Public Relations, Inc. for marketing services relating to economic development and Velocity Broadband. Council members Kelemen and Hanink voted against the resolution.

A resolution authorizing the city manager to execute the 2017-2018 "Summit County Intergovernmental Memorandum of Understanding for job creation and retention and tax revenue sharing." Council member Kelemen voted against the resolution.

A resolution notifying the county of Summit of the city of Hudson's termination of the Agreement of Cooperation Community Development Block Grant program. Council members Bigham, DeSaussure and Weinstein voted against the resolution.

An ordinance amending sections 1206.01 and 1213.02 of the planning and zoning code concerning the prohibition of cultivation, processing, and dispensing or sale of medical marijuana.

First Reading & Referral to Planning Commission

An ordinance extending a moratorium on applications for, and the granting of, zoning certificates for any building, structure, use or change of use that would enable the cultivation, processing, distribution or sale of medical marijuana through Dec. 31, 2017, in order to allow the city to review applicable state law and regulations, to plan for local regulations relating to such uses, and declaring an emergency.