NORTHFIELD VILLAGE -- Residents may notice some improvements starting around town.

The village's service department has been busy installing replacement flag poles on Route 8, started a curbing project on Magnolia Avenue, completed point-of-sale inspections, and worked under Mayor Jesse Nehez's direction on landscaping and beautification projects around the village.

The "Welcome to Northfield" sign has also been moved to the corner of Ledge Road and Route 8 on Jyro Auto's property.

Council voted June 14, with Councilor Gary Vojtush absent, to lease part of the property for the sign for $1 per year, which also gives the village the right to landscape the spot at the entrance to the village's business area.

Service Director Jason Walters told Council the May cleanup program was a success, with 49 tons of waste collected at the Houghton Road location, 27 tons at the dumpster on Chestnut Road and 42 tons collected at Ledge Road dumpsters, meaning a grand total of 118 tons of waste was removed from the village. Walters said he spot checked a few people dumping items and found no one who was not a village resident illegally dumping, nor did hear of police finding any non-residents.

"Our residents seem to truly appreciate the program," Walters said. "If you are getting rid of that much waste in a town it truly helps."

Service workers have also been cutting grass on more than 30 vacant properties in the village. Walters said the ordinance states the village can notify the owners once the grass reaches 8 inches then it takes a few days to follow protocol before workers can touch the property.

"I don't think many people realize how many vacant properties there are in the town," Walters said. "It takes some time to get to these properties.

Walters said all 185 hydrants in the village are going to be refinished. Most need to be sandblasted, primed and painted. Council passed a motion to contract Mr. T's sandblasting for an amount not to exceed $25,375 to take care of the sandblasting. Village workers will immediately follow with painting crews.

The service department has also been patching potholes, including temporary patches in the Presidential streets. The nine Presidential streets are scheduled to undergo a recycled paving process this summer.

Engineer Richard Wasosky told Council during members will likely need to convene in a special meeting as soon as the village receives authorization from the state in order to "get moving" on the project. The village is receiving a 90 percent matching, 20-year loan at a zero percent interest rate for approximately $500,000, according to Wasosky. The estimated cost for paving the nine roads, and Maple Avenue, which is just getting a mill and fill, along with one-third of Kennedy Boulevard from "the turn" to Vorderman Avenue getting a new sewer line is $1.192 million.

He said the bids for the project are scheduled to be open June 29 at 4 p.m.

"As of today only three companies bought bid packages, which is less than I expected," Wasosky said.

New curbs were also being built June 15 on Magnolia Avenue after Council received several complaints from residents about vehicles parking in their grass to attend baseball games at the park. Walters said the curbs were part of the original paving project for Magnolia several years ago but never came to fruition.

Magnolia Avenue resident Roy Donahue said he is happy to have the curbs in place.

"It keeps the goofballs from parking in my grass," he said.

In other business, Council passed a resolution permitting the police department to purchase a 2017 Ford Explorer at a cost of $28,277. Officer-in-charge John Zolgus said the new Explorer will replace a 2008 Crown Victoria with 132,000 miles on it.

"The vehicle is starting to rust and is only going to get worse," Zolgus said.

He said he plans to place the older vehicle on for sale along with other items the department is looking to sell.

The department is also purchasing TAC Computer software for just under $25,000 plus an annual maintenance fee of nearly $4,000. Zolgus said the software will make network sharing with surrounding police departments easier and more reliable.

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