Severe thunderstorms on June 18 (Father's Day) brought hard rain and powerful wind gusts to parts of Portage County.

For Marisa Manocchio and Tim Richel of Suffield, the passing storms brought heavy damage to their front yard anda power outage for much of their street.

A massive maple tree on the edge of their property on Catherine Street just east of Route 43 came crashing down because of wind shears coming off a neighboring field.

The tree fell directly onto a well cap, taking out power lines and the nearby power transformer.

"We decided to go to church this morning and thankfully we did otherwise his truck would have been right where the tree is," Manocchio said of her boyfriend Tim's vehicle.

Sometime after noon, the winds picked up and brought down the tree. The Suffield Fire Department responded to the downed wires, using chainsaws to cut away at the trunk in order to take some weight off the power lines.

On Sunday afternoon, Manocchio's father Jim and uncle Justin Schweda came by to help clean up as much as possible, using chainsaws to cut away at the smaller branches.

"It's Father's Day and here's my dad helping us out," Marisa said with a laugh.

She said she had already called her boss -- Manocchio is a teacher at BioMed Science Academy in Rootstown -- to let her know that her car was stuck in the garage.

Next door, Mitch Darmond was dealing with damage of his own.

"We had a bunch of big cherry trees come down along the side of the property. One branch smashed through the window of my truck, which only I've had since Wednesday," he said. "The insurance company is going to replace it, thankfully."

His brand new Ford F-150 sat in the driveway, a tarp draped over the windshield to keep out the rain. Scattered across his back yard were countless tree limbs and branches.

"Most of the damage was the roof of the small second garage and part of the gutters on the roof. Otherwise, we were lucky," Darmond said.

He and his family were sitting in their living room when the dog started barking.

Shortly after, he said, the trees started falling.

"I'd been meaning to cut down some of these trees anyway. They've got it worse next door," he said, pointing toward Manoccio and Richel's property.

Power is expected to be out for a few days until First Energy can repair the damaged transformer.


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