HUDSON -- A variety of art is on display at Peg's Gallery, 10 W. Streetsboro St., featuring the artists from Akron Art Prize 2016, which is sponsored by the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation.

The art exhibit, Alternate Approaches, was curated by Courtney Cable and runs through Aug. 21.

One of the largest exhibits is a wall hanging made from T-shirts, batting and fabric titled "For Those About to Rock" by Patty Altier.

"The Quilt Lady," Altier said she began quilting in her 20s and made quilts traditionally until she took it in her own direction.

She began using T-shirts when her son graduated from high school and wanted to make him a quilt as a graduation present, Altier said. She has participated in the Akron Art Prize for three years. The first year she entered a traditional piece but did a T-shirt piece in 2016, which is on display at Peg's Gallery.

"It's my homage to AC-DC, which is a band I love," Altier said. "Each T-shirt represents a studio album they made."

She added buttons and badges to the quilt's T-shirts and embroidered around letters and other parts, taking 300 hours to create.

"This is what I love to do," Altier said. "I smile whenever I look at it."

Artist Bryan Votaw is a mechanical engineer but was looking for a hobby.

"I had an uncle who was a woodworker and tried it," Votaw said. "I got hooked."

Self taught, Votaw has been working on wood projects for four years. His artwork, "Natural Protuberance" is created from a sassafras burrell.

"It's hollowed out and undercut from a single piece of wood with the bark and unique grain," Votaw said.

Two art pieces using watercolor, acrylic, newspaper and pencil on canvas by Isin Sezer is title "Foreign to you?"

"The goal of my art is to show that all living creatures are the same," Sezer said.

She said she is fascinated by tiny, including human body cells, plants and spores.

Sezer, who is not a native English speaker, said she is misunderstood all the time.

"There are times when I cannot explain myself," Sezer said. "I created these canvases after someone misunderstood me terribly and stopped being a friend of mine."

She uses newspaper in Finnish to represent the barrier of language.

"I wanted to make it impossible for people to read it," Sezer said. "It's about how we are designed and connected but separated by language and borders."

Some of the other artists include Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Clark, Sarah Costic, Savanna-Nicole Daily, Dale Dong, Melissa Hughes, Linda Hutchinson, Jasmine Kornel, Susan Mencini, Matt Miller, Kit Palencar, Brian Parsons, Nicklaus Pfeil and Paula Singleton.

As a recipient of a Knight Arts Challenge grant, Akron Art Prize is being expanded into the High Arts Festival, a 23-day festival celebrating local artists of multidisciplinary art forms that runs Sept. 15 through Oct. 7. Artists can enter at through July 10.

Peg's Gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. To 4 p.m. For more information, go to or call 330-655-1366.

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