SAGAMORE HILLS Paul Valore turned in his Sagamore Hills Police badge after almost 30 years of service as a part-time police officer.

Valore says he will continue working full-time for University Hospitals police, but has decided to take more time to be with his family and resign from his part-time gig. He started at Sagamore Hills Police Department in 1988 as a reserve officer, and has been a part-timer with the department ever since.

Valore said he had a friend at the time who left Sagamore Hills to join the Macedonia Police Department, which left a spot open for Valore.

Valore said he got into law enforcement at age 31 thanks to Sagamore Hills Sgt. Ken Wolf's dad, Mike.

"Mike Wolf really encouraged me," Valore said. "He said 'Stick with it, keep testing, keep applying, go for it, go for your dream."

He met Mike while working in private security and Mike was working for Cleveland MetroParks.

Valore said he has worked for six police chiefs, and at least two lieutenants in Sagamore Hills.

Police Chief David Hayes said he is thankful for Valore's service.

"He always did an excellent job and was always cheerful and polite," Hayes said. "I got a lot of 'Thank you' notes over the years from his calls."

Positive feedback was something that Valore said has meant a lot to him during his time at the department. He said the public should know it means a lot to officers.

Valore said his hours varied anywhere from one day a week to 40 hours some weeks when he first started. At other times, he would only work once a month. He said he will miss the variety of calls he would respond to. Something that made him giggle is younger officers "freaking out" when women are in labor.

"Since I had kids and my late wife was a childbirth labor coach, I was pretty acclimated to that stuff, so it didn't bother me," Valore said.

Valore said the thing he will miss the most is the people.

"I will miss hanging out with the other officers and the camaraderie," Valore said. "We handled everything together from childbirth to unfortunate situations like suicides and motor vehicle accidents.

"It's a different environment here than downtown at the hospital. Sagamore Hills was such a laid back bedroom community. We aren't Macedonia or Twinsburg, but we have grown over the years and get more of a variety of calls."

Colleagues of Valore, nicknamed him "Make Work."

"I would find the most obscure, mundane things and create paperwork to do," he said through a smile.

Valore added the people in the community also stand out to him and he will miss getting to know the residents.

"I hope in some way I helped the department grow," he said. "Bringing in my experience from the hospital and working in that environment. I hoped that I did a little bit to broaden the knowledge of the guys I have worked with over the years."

Valore said he did pursue full-time employment with the department but the timing was never right. His late wife, Maria, had health issues, making it beneficial for him to remain at the hospital.

Valore said he is looking forward to spending his extra time with his wife, Linda and daughter Kayla, 17. Valore also has a 24-year-old son named Ian, who is in the marines and stationed in South Korea.

Linda said she is proud of her husband's accomplishments and will be glad to have him home more.

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