NORTHFIELD CENTER -- Township officials are seeking an Ohio Public Works Commission grant to pave Forestwood Drive and Timberlane Road on the north side of the township, and Kitner Boulevard and Shady Lane on the south next year.

Trustee John Romanik said Trustees were hoping to pave Beechwood Drive and Cherry Lane, along with Kitner Boulevard and Shady Lane this summer. However, Trustees learned there are potential drainage issues in the vicinity of Beechwood and Cherry that may need to be addressed.

Because more than 100 acres of land drains into a narrow 12- to 18-inch outlet pipe in the vicinity of Beechwood and Cherry, Trustees decided it was in the township's best interest to further study the Lemon-Leech Ditch drainage area, as the neighborhood is known.

"This is a neighborhood drainage system that encompasses the area from the intersection of Lucy Lane and Olde Eight, east to include Beechwood Drive and Cherry Lane, south to Leonard Avenue and Route 82, eventually emptying to a pipe just to the east of the Route 82 and Beechwood intersection," Romanik said.

Trustees voted unanimously June 5 to ask the Summit County Engineer's Office to evaluate the Lemon-Leech ditch system.

With Beechwood Drive and Cherry Lane off the table, Road Superintendent Rick Youel advised Trustees the next two roads in line for paving were Timberlane Road and Forestwood Drive. Romanik said the township tries to adhere to a schedule to keep roads in good shape.

"We tend to keep a regular rotation of paving throughout the township and our residential streets are very well maintained," Romanik said.

Trustees also unanimously voted to ask the county to help the township seek a grant, which has an application deadline of July for work to start next spring. Typically, the total cost of these projects are around $350,000, which with the grants, Romanik said fits in well with the paving budget. Trustees also asked the county to provide bid specifications.

He added if the project estimates run higher than expected, Shady Lane will probably move to the next round of paving.

The next regular Northfield Center Township Trustee meeting is scheduled for July 10 at 7 p.m.

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