HUDSON -- Kathryn Sines, the school district's treasurer and financial officer, has been with the district since 2012.

And thanks to recent legislation supported unanimously by the Board, it looks like Sines will be around for at least the next three years.

In May, the Board approved a new three-year contract for Sines which will run until 2020. However, the renewal was given without a pay increase, according to the district. In 2015, the Board approved a pay increase for Sines which brought her annual salary to $111,722.

"Thank you," Sines quietly told the Board after the vote.

However, Superintendent Phil Herman and members of the Board were not as quiet in singing Sines' praise.

Herman said he was not sure people in the district know how fortunate they are to have Sines as treasurer.

"I've been fortunate enough to meet with her at least on a weekly basis to keep one another informed," Herman said. "And she does an incredible job of that."

Board President David Zuro said he was glad to see the renewal legislation.

Zuro called a recent financial award with distinction won by Sines and her staff "indicative of the work they do."

"We have certainly found that over the years Kathryn has acted as our treasurer and chief financial officer, that there has been effective financial management in that office and we can count on Kathryn for reliable five-year forecasts as evidenced by our track record," Zuro said. "Kathryn has been a valuable member of the leadership team and has established not only good working relationships with her team, but her peers and fellow members of the administration team."

Zuro ended by calling Sines a person of impeccable integrity.

Board member James Field called Sines "trustworthy."

"Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose," Field said."Kathryn has engendered that within the district and within the community which is really important for everything we do."

Board member Steve DiMauro said he agreed with everything that was said about Sines, adding the resolution was easy to support.

"And I look forward to your service to the district in years to come," DiMauro said.

Sines, who formerly worked with the Cuyahoga Falls School District, took over after former treasurer Bart Griffith resigned from Hudson to become treasurer with Westerville City Schools.

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