The following records were collected from the Portage County recorder's office and were provided by a subscription service. For more information, visit

Powerhoops Global LLC to Kyle E. Dodge, 934 East Blvd., $85,000.

Pat C. Tommaso and Charlotte S. Di to Bruce M. anjd Patricia A. Norman, 625 Hardwick Drive, $530,000.

Brianna M. Weigle to Adam P. and Ashley B. King, 30 Chelmsford Drive, $210,000.

Joshua S. and Domenica A. Mcclintock to Taylor M. and Fena A. Murphy, 156 Greenbriar Drive, $214,000.

Kevin M. Piunno to Bennett and Michelle Williams, 570 Oak Hollow Road, $395,000.

Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Jerome E. and Linda H. Baracz, 665 Shinnecock Lane, $413,800.

LCG Properties Ltd., to Ashley M. Howell, 1045 Bryce Ave., $163,750.

Micheal Gervace, to Leah K. and Ian M. Howell, 1131 East Blvd., $158,000.

Michelle M. Tecil, to Lindsey J. Rice, 39 Elm Creek Way, $134,000.

Joshua S. and Domenica A. Mcclintock, to Taylor M. and Fena A. Murphy, 156 Greenbriar Drive, $214,000.

George J. Novak, to Joseph P. and Vijaya M. Lewis, 26 Chelmsford Drive, $38,000.

Breezy Point LP, to Joseph L. Deserio and Christen L. Arra, Club Drive, $165,000.

Craig A. and Patricia J. Smith to James R. and Courtney M. Janko, 96 Eldridge Road, $279,000.

Lakes of Aurora to James E. and Kathy S. Finn, 18 Ron Lane, $380,100.