TALLMADGE -- City officials are at the "tail end" of the process of revising its emergency operations plan, according to Mayor David Kline. Dr. Donald Cooper, Tallmadge's director of administration, said the plan is "put in place to manage large-scale disaster or widespread emergencies." According to Cooper, "it's been a long time since it's been updated to any great extent." Kline said he believes the last time legislation addressing the plan was revised was in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The mayor said he initiated the process of updating the plan before Cooper joined the city administration last summer; since that time, Cooper has assumed oversight of the effort, drawing on his expertise as a former firefighter, assistant fire chief and state fire marshal, Kline reported.

The plan focuses on emergency preparation, departmental coordination and communication efforts. If a disaster occurs in Tallmadge, leaders and decision-makers will gather to coordinate operations in the city. Cooper said the plan is contained in an approximately 300-page document which he hopes to submit to City Council in about one month. The mayor said he hopes Council will approve the plan before the end of the year. Given the size of the plan, Cooper said he intends to distill the information to a one page summary or "recipe" for each department or player to follow. One stated goal is to change the format of the plan to better align with the county emergency operations plan as well as the state and a number of federal requirements.


The city's Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the final plat of phase two of the Bakers Acres development; it will consist of 41 single-family lots on the extended Cherry Ridge from its existing temporary cul-de-sac to Northwest Avenue. Phase one was approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission in November 2002 and consisted of 32 lots. The applicant and owner is Baker Real Estate Holdings, Ltd. The property is located in an R-3 residential district.

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