ARS Video Inc. in Tallmadge is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The local company has been preserving memories in every medium since the days of film.

Founder of ARS Video Inc., Gloria Stennett, has seen three generations of her family at the business and has instilled a legacy of excellence and a drive to preserve as many captured moments as possible.

Gloria's son, Gary Stennett, now owns and operates the family business, taking the reins over in 1997. Gloria says Gary brought the company into the digital world after years of analog conversion and utilizing new computers and software, he has streamlined the process of transferring film, slides, and photos to a digital medium.

Gloria says she first started the company in 1987 and considers herself ahead of her time as a woman in the business world. After raising four children and a short career in the education system, Gloria says she would reinvent herself and become a role model not only for her family, but for all women.

Gloria's tenacity and drive for success would take the startup company in 1987 and see it succeed for the next 30 years. In a time where it was uncommon for women to set out on a path other than the home, Gloria says she broke barriers and the status quo.

With her husband Art Stennett by her side, Gloria says she set out to start a business that would hopefully provide them a retirement and after years of grinding away built something that would impact tens of thousands of customers.

"We have saved hundreds of thousands of feet of 8mm and 16mm film, hundreds of thousands of 35mm slides and photographs that families have taken since the advent of the technology," she says, adding, "In a world of ever constant change, there is one thing we all hold near to our hearts and that is our memories. Memories of family events, life events and moments in time that we all thought were worth preserving."

Gloria says her family has been at the forefront of new technologies to provide a service where those moments can be cherished with each new generation of your family.

"The success and long lasting ingredient of ARS has been our drive to provide the best customer service possible," says Gary.

"ARS has proven for 30 years that their customers come first and they will figure out a way to preserve memories for generations to come," says Gloria.

ARS Video serves local, national and world-wide customers. The business is located at 89 West Ave. Visit the website at