Have you recently lost a spouse or child 2 years and older? Or have you lost a loved one to an accidental overdose or suicide? Have you been left wondering, hurting and feel you are alone?

Kelly's Grief Center is offering support groups beginning the weeks of Sept. 5 and 11. The groups have specific topics to help you through your grief journey and are designed to bring together those who have a similar loss and provide a safe environment to begin the healing process.

To register for Spouse Loss Group on Mondays (runs 8 weeks), Accidental Overdose Group on Tuesdays (runs 10 weeks), Suicide Loss Group on Wednesdays (runs 10 weeks) or Child Loss Group on Thursdays (runs 8 weeks) go to www.kellysgriefcenter.org or call 330-593-5959. Individual counseling is also available.