Camaros claimed the title of the Camaro vs Mustang showdown which recently took place at Summit Racing Equipment. Both the NorthEastern Ohio Camaro Club and the Mahoning Valley Mustangs hosted their 10th anniversary celebration. Mustangs claimed the title for the first five years of the event and the Camaro's have claimed the title the past five years.

With a grand total of $4,400 raised for Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC), there were a total of 356 muscle cars (135 Camaro's and 121 Mustangs) of all generations in every direction at the Tallmadge location June 3rd.

The Mustang vs Camaro showdown kicked off in 2008 when then-presidents Bob Macabobby (MVM) and Chris Slocum (NEOCC) joined forces to organize the charitable event. We always get a wide variety of both Camaros and Mustangs, from stock to outrageous, from clean daily drivers and pristine trailer queens to quarter-mile drag cars," said NEOCC President Morgan Iorio. "If it was made, you had a good chance of seeing it," said MVM chairman Nancy Evans.

This event has raised more than $25,000 for groups such as the Easter Seals, Make a Wish Foundation, and ACBC, all while fueling a great deal of camaraderie between the two clubs.

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