A stove fire that got out of control caused "significant" damage to a Vincent Avenue home in Northfield Village early Saturday morning.

Residents called the fire department around midnight "after smelling smoke and attempting to put a small fire out on the stove with a fire extinguisher," Northfield Village Fire Chief Jason Buss stated on the village's Facebook page.

He said the department responded to the Vincent Ave. address to find heavy smoke coming from the eves of the house and the attic vents. He said residents had evacuated the home, and Northfield police had rescued a dog from inside the home.

Buss said firefighters believe the fire had spread from the stove to the home's attic through an exhaust vent duct above the stove. He said firefighters fought the fire from the outside of the through roof vents, while additional crews ventilated the roof by cutting a large hole to release the smoke and fire. Crews then entered the home and extinguish the fire from the inside, Buss said.

Buss said the home suffered significant smoke, fire and heat damage and is not habitable at this time. He said the Red Cross was contacted to assist the displaced residents.

No firefighters were injured and the fire was brought under control at about 12:52 a.m. Firefighters from Macedonia, Twinsburg, Oakwood Fire Departments and Valley Fire District in bringing the fire under control.

"All firefighters on scene are to be commended on their hard work in bringing this difficult fire under control in a safe and timely manner.